SaaS Pirates Podcast


1. Can you tell us more about who you are and the SaaS you’re working on? How would you describe it?

2. What’s the business model of the product, how are you making money?

3. How did you start the business? Take us back from the idea to launch. (Founding story!)

4. What were some of the biggest early struggles in getting the product to market-fit?

5. What was the feedback from your first users when they were starting to use the product and did you have to pivot based on their needs?

6. How did you get your first users to your product?

7. What is the one growth hack, that you would say, has brought you the most success in either getting more customers or revenue?

8. What is your most important acquisition channel to get new customers onboard?

9. What is your most valuable lesson up to this point?

10. At what stage is the SaaS right now in terms of revenue? (e.g. talk about the growth in the last couple of months or years – either revenue or just growth numbers).

[LIGHTNING ROUND – can be answered short, speedy, and to the point]

1. If you would start a SaaS today, what would be the first action to take?

2. What are some of your favorite apps and tools on your computer that you can’t live without in running daily operations of your SaaS?

3. What’s your favorite app on your phone?

4. What is your favorite book that you’d recommend to people that are starting in SaaS?

5. What SaaS brand do you admire the most?

6. What is your favorite SaaS person to follow or read. (So think about twitter, blog, podcast, whatever?)

7. Where can we learn more about you and your SaaS? (Promote yourself and/or your SaaS – discount codes can be applied here as well)