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10 free SaaS eBooks


What better way to build and scale your SaaS with free resources, right? We got your back! Here are our 10 favorite free SaaS eBooks ?

1. From 0 to 1,000 Customers & Beyond

Hiten Shah and Steli Efti are two people who know their stuff. No wonder this (free!) ebook is one of the best we’ve read thus far. You’ll learn a ton on customer acquisition and they’ll share their story on how they grew to 1,000 customers.

2. SaaS Growth Tactics

Upvoty is a fast growing SaaS startup. In this ebook they share all of their lessons learned in building and scaling their startup and how they’ve managed to get an MRR of over $500 within 3 (!) months.

3. Onboarding by Intercom

One of the coolest SaaS companies out there, Intercom, shares great lessons on one of the most important things in SaaS: onboarding. Their framework for creating your onboarding strategy is EPIC.

4. Product Management by Intercom

And we stick with Intercom a little longer. Their ebook on product management is also a must-have. Let’s appreciate how much value they put out in the world of SaaS!

5. Customer Lifetime Value

You can do sales and marketing all you like, but without keeping your users on board, your product is nothing. In this ebook you will learn everything you need about your customers and the Customer Lifetime Value.

6. Tips and Tricks

Wait. What? More than 100 SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs have shared their tips and tricks on building a SaaS? This sounds like a must-read, don’t you think?

7. SaaS Pricing Page Blueprint

Pricing. One of the toughest items on the agenda of SaaS startups. Luckily we have this blueprint available for free! You’ll learn everything about SaaS pricing strategy and pricing pages. Go get it!

8. LTV Cheat Sheet

Another one on Customer Lifetime Value. You honestly can’t read enough about it. The lovely folks at ChartMogul crafted a free cheat sheet to get to a reliable estimate of your LTV, and to get a better picture of the health of your business.

9. Grow Your SaaS Startup

Need a framework on how to grow your SaaS startup from A to Z? This is your free ebook. Well, actually, it’s not an ebook. It’s an online guide. Anyway: You’ll learn everything about launching an MVP and scaling your SaaS.

10. The Complete Guide to SaaS Metrics

When building and scaling your SaaS you’ll have to take a good look at your metrics. But, it’s super important to look at the RIGHT metrics. This ebook provides you a framework on how to work with the most essential metrics for your SaaS. Must-have!

BONUS: How To Kick SaaS

This ebook, called ‘How To Kick SaaS’, is from a guy who is publishing new chapters while writing it. That’s right. He keeps adding new chapters. Highly interesting to follow: